Press Release

Luxology, LLC, the creators of modo, a leading subdivision surface and polygonal 3D modeling platform, today announced the release of its free modo 103 service update. The modo 103 update features a host of advances, including the debut of a new UV mapping technology that greatly simplifies and accelerates the UV unwrapping process, and improved stability for specific hardware configurations.
modo 103’s new UV unwrap tool transforms the arduous task of creating complex UV maps into an easy three step process ‘ Click. Drag. Done. By simply selecting the desired UV border edges on the 3D model and adjusting the tool by dragging interactively in the viewport, the user can watch as the tool unwraps the mesh into a smooth UV map. This advancement reduces the time artists spend on this process from hours to seconds.
“In keeping with Luxology’s user-focused development process, the 103 service update is a direct response to current modo users’ feedback and recommendations,” said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. “With input from an amazing number of artists, from the highest levels of companies such as Disney, Digital Domain and NASA, to hobbyists working out of their homes, modo 103 is certain to satisfy 3D modelers at every level. Our focus was on addressing specific issues raised by the modo community and providing the functionality they require. This update is free to any registered modo user and reflects our desire to provide the highest quality product, supported by the highest level of service and support.”
About modo
modo is the fastest, most advanced subdivision surface modeling environment available. Specifically designed to help 3D artists working on games, films, TV, print, architecture and Web productions, modo enables artists to accomplish more in less time. These advantages are made possible through a unique combination of a cutting edge toolset with painless pipeline integration, advanced software ergonomics, and a streamlined learning path.
Pricing and Availability
The free modo 103 service update and the free evaluation version of modo 103 are available for immediate download at modo 103 is available through Luxology and its worldwide partners. modo ships on a single disc supporting both Mac OSX and Windows, and sells for a suggested retail price of USD $895, with a limited-time introductory price of USD $695. To purchase and obtain immediate access to modo 103 via download, visit or contact Luxology at (650) 378-8506.