Not many people would admit to being a "Vidiot," but two brothers, Anthony and Michael Amoia, actually made it official, christening their New York City-based video post production/music composition company just that. Apparently "vidiocy," as described by Michael, in part means, "we can accommodate any sort of client, but we definitely have an edgy, creative side to us, like a boutique."
Projects that have felt that edge include John Turturro’s Romance & Cigarettes, ABC’s Monday Night Football, CBS’s NFL Today, NBC’s Olympics coverage, Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, MTV’s Cribs, plus a host of promos, commercials and corporate work. Vidiots also writes and produces music for licensing and original programming, with pieces featured in spots for the Sci-Fi channel, VH1’s Driven, A&E Biography, as well as record companies Atlantic, Roadrunner and Def Jam.
Anthony and Michael, who each have about 10 and seven years in the biz, respectively, joined forces four years ago. "Six months ago we had one edit room that we were subletting," says Anthony. "Now we have 4,000 square feet and we put six rooms in. We’re going to be expanding again, adding another 1,000 square feet."
The space offers a warm, relaxed atmosphere, complete with couches, TVs and PCs for their clients. "It’s a comfortable vibe," says Anthony. "As we expand, we also want to keep that boutique feel."
One of the great things about having a sibling is being able to divvy up the chores. Anthony traveled the traditional route of film school, followed by staff and freelance stints at various production houses. Though primarily an editor, Michael’s background is in music. His credits include Chappelle’s Show, Cribs, VH1’s I Love the 70s and Driven, and various music videos, lending Vidiots hefty creds on the audio side. In addition to original compositions, facility offers its clients a stock library. "It’s a one-stop place," says Michael, "they really don’t need to go anywhere else for anything."
The company has a unique approach to staffing: Vidiots acts as an agency for production talent. "We rep five editors," says Anthony. "Basically, we send them on jobs. We have a contract with them and they’re exclusive to us." Adds Michael, "There aren’t a lot of companies out there that are hip to [this approach]. It’s a very different angle on the business." Hint to those out there pounding the pavement: they’re always looking for creative talent.
Besides couches, what’s in those cozy rooms? "We’re primarily editorial, but we’re going to be opening up a Digidesign Pro Tools room, so we’ll be doing audio recording, mixing, etc." says Anthony. "Right now we do a lot of NewTek LightWave 3D stuff and we’re getting into [Discreet] Flame," adds Michael. "We’re also going to be changing over one of our rooms to HD- next month we’ll be able to accommodate solely HD."
The entire space, adds Anthony, is already wired for HD. "We have Avid Adrenaline with HD software. Since we built the space six months ago, we were thinking ahead. If someone comes in and needs six HD rooms tomorrow we could have that set up by next week. Basically we have everything on Avid Unity and we have a whole machine room with various decks, whether it’s HD decks or DigiBetas, so we can do dubs."
Of course, all those options for customers come at a price- to them. "Mike and I sort of live at work," says Anthony. "I’ve been doing this stuff for the past 10 years and we haven’t taken any time off- we’re lucky if it’s been one week a year with scattered days." Good thing they have those couches.
Video post-production and music composition/licensing for film and television
Anthony Amoia, co-owner/editor/producer; Michael Amoia, co-owner/editor/composer; Matt DeRiso, Nelson Dellamaggiore, Christian Winters, Jared Gudstadt, editors
Avid Adrenaline HD
Avid Unity
Avid Pro Tools/HD with Surround Sound 5.1
NewTek LightWave 3D
200 Varick St., Suite 501
New York, NY 10014
ph. 212.524.1000