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Tight Signs Director Bruce Dowad

Acclaimed director Bruce Dowad has joined tight for exclusive US spot representation. Dowad, who has been busy with recent campaigns for AT&T (GSD&M/TX), Expedia (Doner/MI), and others, will shutter his own company, Bruce Dowad Associates. He goes into production on his first assignment with tight this month.
"My decision is a personal and creative one," said Dowad, who has been directing high-profile TV commercials for two decades and taken home virtually every top honor, including the DGA Award, LIAA honors, and Cannes Lions. "As a filmmaker, this is an opportunity to re-invest in my creative process, eliminating the distractions associated with owning a company." Dowad added that it is the challenge and satisfaction of creativity that has always inspired him in his pursuits. "Commercials are an evolving language," he said, "and I look to better myself and speak with a continuously more relevant voice."

In making this transition, Dowad began talks with longtime friend and colleague, tight partner/executive producer Jonathon Ker. "Before we ever met, I was well aware of Jonathon's position in the London ad community, which is the most creatively challenging and competitive of markets," said Dowad, who – like Ker – has lived and worked both in the US and UK. "We've become very good friends since those days, with a mutual respect and confidence in one another, and I think we share a global perspective."

Over the years, Ker has distinguished himself as a career-builder with a keen eye for talent and a steadfast reputation for top tier commercial film production. While his track record indicates that he is clearly focused on the careers of others – launching and/or reinventing some of the most revered names in the business – Ker has cultivated a diverse and impressive resume of his own, with powerhouses like Limelight USA and Palomar Pictures. "I think the time is right to align myself with an innovative and ambitious company like tight," Dowad said.

"Bruce has an incredibly interesting, singular style," said Ker. "Of course, he will be a very successful director in any case, but we each view this as an opportunity to push the envelope and access the most exciting opportunities out there."

Dowad joins a tight roster comprised of Iain Mackenzie, Josh & Xander, and The Brothers Strause. Ker is partnered in tight with executive producers Don Block and Rich Carter. The company is repped by Phillip Alden of The PTA, Inc., on the East Coast, David Wagner in the Midwest, and Where's the Boards? on the West Coast.

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