Transition Never Looked So Good

What’s Their Gig?
Thirty years went into making Interface Media Group (IMG), a Washington, D.C., creative powerhouse. This full-service production and post production company, which prides itself also on its boutique-shop touch, is known locally and nationally for its cutting-edge alchemy in television and video. And 30 years is just the right gestation period for a change.
According to IMG founder and former owner Tom Angell, "Our industry stands on the cusp of a sea change of epic scope. These times call for fresh blood, a strong arm to hold the rudder…and guide our little ship through the mists and storms to an ever brighter future." That arm is attached to Jeff Weingarten, the multi-award winning former IMG VP, who now steps into the role of president with his recent purchase of the company. Angell will remain involved as part of the transition.
"We’re retaining the core values that our founder instilled…values that helped make this transition so smooth," says Weingarten. "At the same time, we’ll be bringing a new outlook, fresh ideas and invigorated energy to the work we’re doing with our clients."
Those clients include PBS, Discovery Networks, National Geographic, museums, political consultants, ad agencies and corporate and government entities.
The Cool Factor
One of the things that makes IMG special is the combination of services it provides. All departments (including sound, creative editing, online finishing, studio production, new media and DVD authoring) are equally important. And Weingarten will certainly be a force to be reckoned with as he leads his company forward. "I’m often called on by our clients as both a creative and technical consultant, working with new technologies on the most challenging and cutting-edge projects," he says. "I’d like to think I have an appreciation and unique understanding of nonlinear digital post production, high-definition television, fiber and satellite distribution and new media."
The company’s location in the "Golden Triangle," D.C.’s central business district- literally, the seat of power- can’t hurt either, and IMG aims to capitalize on the convergence of television and data in traditional broadcast, video on demand, Internet protocol television, cellular and site-based networks while developing business opportunities in the government sector.
The Geek Factor
The facility’s approximately 40,000 square feet houses eight "fully tricked-out" Final Cut Pro HD suites connected to multiple terabytes of Apple’s XSan, three Autodesk Smoke suites, one Flame, three Pro Tools sound design suites for stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixing, six graphic design bays (2D and 3D), a dedicated 3D Interactive Motion control studio, DVD, CD and Web authoring facilities and a full-scale disk- and tape-based duplication and digital spot distribution and fulfillment department. An Autodesk house for over 10 years, Weingarten says IMG’s toolsets let them constantly exceed clients’ expectations. "Our Avid editors advocated switching to FCP and we haven’t looked back."