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IRIDAS Extends DualStream Stereoscopic Technology across Product Line

Now Available as Upgrade Module for FrameCycler and SpeedGrade

IRIDAS, who introduced the first stereoscopic playback applications for uncompressed content in 2002, today announced availability of its DualStream stereoscopic technology as an optional module for all current FrameCycler products as well as SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade HD. Rather than having to purchase a separate application, FrameCycler artists can now include stereoscopic content within their regular review and approval workflow. The SpeedGrade applications are the world's first stereoscopic color correction systems.
DualStream works by automatically linking sequences. When one channel is loaded, DualStream adds the second channel – greatly simplifying conform from Edit Decision Lists. The multiple timeline capabilities of SpeedGrade and FrameCycler 2007, allow artists to easily manipulate and edit stereoscopic content. With the DualStream architecture, "channel drift" is impossible.

"FrameCycler with DualStream proved to be an indispensable tool for us as it allowed our artists to regularly flip their work in progress as well as allowing us to view our shots in stereo during dailies," said Peter Skovsbo, producer on Dinosaur Alive, which was recently completed at DamnFX in Montreal. "Without DualStream, we would have had to migrate to a far more expensive soft- and hardware mix."

"The best thing about the IRIDAS stereoscopic system is that it just worked; it was so easy to use," said Dr. David Ortoft, who installed the system in Stockholm's prestigious Karolinska Institute in 2003. "In medical imaging and research work, picture quality is critical: we need to be able to view content in its native file format without the risk of compression artifacts corrupting the image."

"We are seeing tremendous growth now in stereoscopy, and filmmakers need the right tools to work with this content from production through post to presentation," said IRIDAS COO, Patrick Palmer. "With a four year head start on the competition, it's easy to understand why facilities are turning to IRIDAS for reliable solutions."

DualStream plays HD, 2K and higher resolution material, can support dual SDI-out, and works with every available 3D display technology, including shutter glasses, red/cyan glasses, dual projectors with polarized channels, or auto-stereoscopic displays.


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