Organic Motion's STAGE(TM) System Being Adopted for Use in Entertainment Industry, Life Sciences, General Public Settings

Organic Motion, Inc. announced the commercial availability of the world's first turnkey markerless motion capture system for the entertainment and life sciences industries, as well as a customized offering for use with the general public. Organic Motion's new line of products – STAGE(TM), BioSTAGE(TM) and OpenSTAGE(TM) – all harness the company's core computer vision technology, enabling computers to cognitively "see" people's complex movements and generate highly accurate 3D tracking data in real-time, all without body suits or tracking devices. Company executives will be hosting the first public demonstrations of the new line of markerless motion capture systems at SIGGRAPH
For 20 years, body suits, markers and tracking devices have limited the reach of motion capture technology. The traditional, marker based systems have high operating costs, data cleaning expenses and technical limitations which have prevented motion capture from expanding beyond the current $200 million niche industry. Organic Motion's new markerless technology provides striking improvements in efficiency and results allowing industries – ranging from entertainment to healthcare and sports to retail – to now use motion capture to develop many new beneficial applications.

"Tracking the human body in real-time without a body suit has been a major quest at leading universities and research centers, but up to this point has produced only limited results for commercial systems," said James Oliverio, Director of Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida. "Organic Motion has finally conquered the problem and produced the most innovative and accessible suite of motion capture solutions on the market."

Organic Motion's system has eliminated the need for markers, long set-up times, calibration efforts, occlusion errors, operating technician costs and extensive post-capture data cleaning. Instead, Organic Motion's systems can be calibrated in minutes, provide immediate scanning of the subject and stream data in real-time into the leading interfaces for animation and biomechanical analysis.

"Organic Motion is bringing motion capture to a broad range of industries, which can now utilize human motion in a way never before possible," said Andrew Tschesnok, CEO, Organic Motion. "There are immediate benefits for entertainment and content creation since our systems improve the entire animation process. We are in final talks with studios, game developers, medical research facilities, sports trainers, physical therapists and even museums, all of whom are looking to create innovative and beneficial motion capture applications using our technology."

Dr. Paolo Bonato and researchers in the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, which is home to the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, are already collaborating with Organic Motion toward adopting the BioSTAGE(TM) motion analysis system for clinical gait evaluations of children with cerebral palsy.

To enable the wide range of industries eager to benefit from a dramatically improved motion capture process, Organic Motion's core technology is incorporated into three solutions:

  • STAGE – A comprehensive motion capture solution, STAGE is specifically designed for content creation and animation. STAGE dramatically improves the production pipeline by reducing the time and costs required to create 3D animations – ideal for game developers, virtual reality sets, visual effects studios and broadcasters. STAGE is a comprehensive motion capture system with easy set-up and operations and ships with a vision processor, 10 cameras, a backdrop and a real-time plug-in to Autodesk MotionBuilder.
  • BioSTAGE – Engineered for the life sciences, BioSTAGE will serve clinicians, researchers and sports coaches, all of whom need to critically analyze dynamic human movement. BioSTAGE provides motion capture for a range of subjects from patients who cannot wear a body suit to athletes performing at game speed. BioSTAGE streams data real-time into C-Motion Inc.'s Visual3D(TM), the leading biomechanical analysis software, and Organic Motion's versatile Software Development Kit.
  • OpenSTAGE – Based on Organic Motion's core computer vision technology, OpenSTAGE is a specific customized turnkey solution designed for each client's unique application. OpenSTAGE can track multiple subjects in rapid succession and utilize their motion instantly, creating many new possibilities that range from public entertainment to education, from retail chains to medical offices.