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Really? Controversy over an Internet video?

Final Cut Pro got a shout out on CNN on Thursday. American Morning interviewed a couple of college students who were fired from their produce jobs at a grocery store after producing a parody rap video called “Produce Paradise” that showed the then-employed students licking produce and returning it to the shelf and urinating on product in the back room. It also shows them cutting up vegetables and rapping about their jobs. The creators were on CNN because besides being fired from their jobs, the A&P supermarket chain is suing them for $1,000,000. The FCP mention came when the CNN host commented on the editing and one of the students said he was a Mass Comm major and used Final Cut Pro. The controversy surrounds the firing and million-dollar lawsuit and it’s an interesting debate. Sure this is a parody video with some funny moments and great lyrics but they shot it in and on the property of (what I’m guessing) was a real A&P grocery store. Personally I think it’s funny but if I’m the CEO of A&P I don’t think I like the idea of even a parody of an employee pissing on an unpackaged product that might be then placed on store shelves. Of course it won’t be placed on store shelves but a company does have a right to protect their reputation and image. I think it comes back to the so-called “iGeneration” growing up online and seeing nothing wrong with sharing all aspects of their lives online. Of course that’s always the choice of the individual but when you have content such as that of “Produce Paradise” that includes other identifiable individuals, places and businesses then you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences when you place it online for millions to see. A million dollars seems like a bit much as the students have been fired. They are broke college students after all. But maybe by college they should have learned a bit about responsiblity and good judgement. Since one is a Mass Comm major, how about have them produce a corporate video on better employee judgment and behavior? How’s the video? It’s cute, some nice lyrics. There are a few canned FCP edit effects as well. They need to work on lighting and shot composition a bit but at least it makes you laugh. Whatever the outcome they students are getting some exposure and links. And after all, it’s that what all of the Internet famous really want? Check out what all the controversy is about. http://www.youtube.com/v/y5iDpxucNFE


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  • Oak

    I can’t believe all the noise about this very sophomoric video. I made better wrap videos with my 10 year olds ten years ago. The school they studied production at? Bad. They should take it down anyway. Here is a company that trusted them. Bottom line – they are little wimpy juvenile deliquents. The company that owns the property they shot the video at does not want them on their property for breach of trust. They are trying to make it corporate vs the youth of today. This is also what is wrong with unions. They have a place that defends this video? What – as free speech? Rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness? What about the war, healthcare, taxes, something that means something. Do something worthwhile rather than a mindless rhyme about vegetables that they urninate on. Lame.
    Go home fools.