Bill Timmer, Marcus Stokes, Suzanne Luna, Vincent Pagazza And John Shotwell Now Available Through Unit 5

Jonathan Whitehead, Executive Producer of Unit 5 Productions, a full-service commercial production company located in Santa Monica, has announced that the company has signed five noted spot directors on an exclusive basis. These directors are Bill Timmer, Marcus Stokes, Suzanne Luna, Vincent Pagazza and John Shotwell.
Said Whitehead, “We are very happy to announce this list of top directors. Bill Timmer is a Director/Cameraman that shoots gorgeous cinematography and is great at visual storytelling and visual effects. Marcus Stokes has a world of knowledge when it comes to Visual FX, and his body of work ranges from light humor to big budget automobile spots.”

He adds, “Suzanne Luna’s body of work is all light hearted, tongue
in cheek, humor. She has a touch for getting a great performance and good comedic timing out of a talent performance project. Vincent Pagazza’s work can be described as offering a high degree of storytelling and visual style. His reel is a mix of fashion, sports and dramatic work. John Shotwell has been honing his comedy skills since his days as a top Group 101 director and, most recently, has been directing a number of exciting new media projects, including those in the areas of interactive, Webisodes and viral marketing.”

Bill Timmer

Bill Timmer began his career working in Public Television on a wide variety of live and recorded location and studio programs in various capacities, ranging
from cameraman to director. Bill also worked in television for an NBC affiliate specializing in investigative and documentary production, where he directed and produced various documentaries. These projects covered everything from shooting while traveling down the Amazon River to staking out
organized crime figures.

Bill left television to work in Los Angeles at commercial production
company Harmony Pictures as a Director/Cameraman. From there,
Bill went on to Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco, a division of
George Lucas Films. Bill was employed at ILM for seven years as a
Director/Cameraman, working on a variety of commercial and film
projects. Most recently, Bill had been working with commercial production company Form.

Bill has won over fifteen Emmy Awards and a variety of other
industry awards, including Clios and various Film Festival, Journalism and
Advertising honors. Bill’s varied filmmaking experience has allowed him to truly enjoy working on documentaries with very small crews, as well as directing and shooting large-scale special effects-laden productions.

Marcus Stokes

Marcus Stokes is a director who combines a talent for innovative storytelling with amazing visual effects. Marcus started his filmmaking career as a visual effects artist at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic. After several years creating groundbreaking effects for commercials, music videos and feature films, including “Star Wars: Episode I,” “The Matrix Reloaded” and “Minority Report,” Marcus began directing projects through ILM’s commercial division.

Marcus’ first national campaign, a two spot package for General Motors, was featured during the NBA finals and highlighted as one of Shoot Magazine’s top spots of the week. After ILM, Marcus did stints directing at John Francis Films and FM Rocks. Before Marcus’ life in the film industry, he worked in the field of Architectural Design, in which he holds a Master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He also spent three years working in Japan as a language instructor for the Japanese Ministry of Education.

In addition to his commercial projects, Marcus recently completed a new film project, entitled “The Catalyst”. That film won numerous awards and was subsequently acquired by the HBO network.

Suzanne Luna

A native New Yorker, Suzanne Luna began her love affair with the performing arts by directing original one-act and full length plays “off,” “off-off,” and “my garage is big enough” Broadway. With her extensive theater experience and years as a script supervisor for the top commercial directors in New York and Los Angeles, Suzanne moved her sights to filmmaking and began her
own directing career.

In 2003, Boards Magazine named Luna “One of the Next 20 Directors to Watch.” In addition to the award-winning work she’s done in commercials, reality television, webisodes, and short subject documentaries, Suzanne sharpened her comedy skills by also working on “The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.”

Suzanne is currently field directing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” On “Ellen,” Suzanne states, “It’s such a wonderful opportunity to work with a consummate professional ‘ Ellen could write the rule book on comedic timing.”
Suzanne’s strengths lie in her skillful casting and a dedication to her actors to help guide them to the performances that best serve the script. Suzanne completed work for and Kyocera and is currently finishing a series of Webisodes for a major golf manufacturer.

Vincent Pagazza

At a young age while living abroad in France, Vincent was inspired by
the multitude of commercials that played before films which were screened in the French cinemas. His love for storytelling started in those very movie theaters and Vincent’s storytelling work today is reflective of those influences.

Vincent studied still photography and was motivated by such famous fashion photographers as Mario Testino. Vincent attended UCLA, receiving a combined degree in Cinematography and Business. After working as a second camera assistant, Vincent’s first independent commercial —which he wrote and shot — made the top ten list at the AICP Show that year. Vincent went on to direct projects through MRB and The Outfit, for clients that included Direct-TV, Disney and Major League Baseball.

This year-2008— will bring the debut of Vincent’s first feature-length
documentary, “Life for Maria”, and also marks the beginning of production on his first feature length film.

John Shotwell

John Shotwell is originally from the East Coast, where he claims he was “raised entirely on Philly cheese-stakes.” John spent the early part of his career in Advertising, where his work as a successful still photographer has been featured in various awards shows including “The One Show” and
“Communication Arts.”

John made the transition to commercial production as a Group 101
Spots director in ’04. After Group 101, John was signed and worked
at Subliminal Pictures. John recently helmed spots for Diet Pepsi, Nestle and Toyota, as well as an interactive project for EA Sports’ Madden ’08.

John is currently in production on a new media project for a premium gourmet food client.