Editor Keith Olwell and Executive Producer Elizabeth Kiehner have teamed up to helm Proton Studio, a full service editorial resource with expanded creative capabilities including sound design and finishing, as well as a road-worthy, full capacity studio for working remote situations. Located in the heart of Chelsea, Proton first project is a national campaign for TomTom out of Boathouse in Waltham, Massachusetts. Additional editor signings are forthcoming.
Olwell has built a solid reputation as an intuitive and imaginative cutter. His credits include stints at such high-end editorial companies as 89 Edit, FilmCore, and Bug Editorial, where he has worked with high-profile clients including BMW, Microsoft, and Sirius.

Proton will operate in strategic partnership with multi-disciplinary design studio Thornberg & Forester, to offer offering high-end animation and design talent as well as a full range of 3D and CGI capabilities to clients. Proton offers finishing in HD, SD and other formats.

“We picked Proton because it’s easy to say,” says Olwell. “Also, the nature of a proton is that it’s a positively charged element that’s all around us all of the time and is indestructible. We are like that for our clients.”

Olwell’s body of creative work includes DJ Dangermouse’s music video for the Grey Album. For this project, he researched and then mixed together live footage of Jay-Z performing his Black Album and the Beatles playing a TV set from Hard Day’s Night. The result was a video that received so many hits; it had to be mirrored on numerous sites. “The fun part was that mirroring was done voluntarily by the hosts and fans,” Olwell notes.

“We’re craftsman and storytellers,” says Olwell, summing up his creative philosophy. “It’s all about timing and message and audience. Making people feel what we want them to feel.”

“By collaborating with clients early in the creative process, we can help to maximize the potential and latitude of campaigns, and offer input on ways to cross-purpose ideas both on-air and via alternative platforms,” points out Kiehner, who is also Executive Producer for Thornberg and Forester. “We are futurists, and Keith exemplifies that mind-set; he is always exploring, inventing new visual vocabularies and is focused on innovation.”

Proton is located at 147 West 26th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001.