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Redbox: a 'greener' render box

pix_header550.jpgThe Redbox is Pixellexis’s brand new parallel processing unit, designed for cutting down intensive render cycle times. Whether it be for post-production, visual effects, and compression or decompression, the Redbox is being billed as a greener, more eco-friendly render solution, drawing less than 900 watts, water-cooled, and with built-in temperature sensing controllers. It boasts render cycle completions that are 1/10th of the current time. A production version of Redbox will be unveiled at NAB 2008 in Las Vegas. Check out Pixellexis’s NAB page for booth details and more.

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  1. C.C says:

    interesting, have to find out more about rendering units like this. could be very usefull when time is limited.

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