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Pixellexis Powers Next Generation Parallel Processors with Ambric Silicon

New technology will solve many compute-intensive problems – Initial target is eliminating JPEG 2000 and 4K processing bottlenecks

Pixellexis Systems & Technologies has announced that it will use the TeraOPS-class Ambric ® massively parallel processing array (MPPA) chip for its new RedBrix™ and RedCard™ products. The two companies are initially collaborating to bring a real-time HD Motion JPEG 2000 codec solution to market, with expectations of broader offerings in the future.
Stefany Allaire Pixellexis CEO & Founder comments, “We’re very excited about the alliance with Ambric ®. We have incorporated their chips into our solutions and realized a 5 fold increase in computational density. A single Ambric ® chip has 336 energy-efficient processors that are ideal for advanced video processing on our new platforms. Additionally, their software and tools have cut our time to market by more than half. RedBrix™ and RedCard™ will be available in the fall of 2008.”

RedBrix™, a 2RU parallel processor appliance, can be attached to your workstation via a PCIe cable with 10Gbps bandwidth, or installed in your IT center. With 4 Ambric ® chips, more than 1,300 processors and 4 TeraOPS are utilized for compute-intense applications. RedBrix™ is designed to speed up workstations and infrastructure where conventional multi-core processors are inadequate. Applications that can be assisted by such a product are HD JPEG 2000 codec, and high resolution (4K) image processing.

RedCard™ as the name suggests, is a half-length, 15 W, 4-lane PCI Express card installed directly in a workstation. It features a single Ambric ® MPPA device and dramatically improves the local performance of the workstation without the need to expand the IT infrastructure.

Complete details of RedBrix™ and RedCard™ will be appearing on the Pixellexis web site shortly, www.pixellexis.com www.pixellexis.com

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