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Composer Mateo Messina Partners With Bang For Worldwide Spot Work

Los Angeles-based composer Mateo Messina, best known for the acclaimed underscore to Oscar- Nominated director Jason Reitman's hit film, Juno has linked his talents and studio with New York-based Bang Music for all commercial compositions. The move will give Messina's prodigious creative output deeper production support and a broader platform worldwide, and brings to Bang one of Hollywood's hottest musical talents. With Bang's newest partnership, the ad world will have immediate access to one of Hollywood's hottest musical talents.
Messina and Bang view the partnership as a natural expansion of their creative goals in both the advertising and film arenas. Both share creative philosophies, according to Bang’s Founder Lyle Greenfield, “The depth and breadth of Mateo’s musical experiences and interests give him the complete palette for film scoring of every kind and his energy is simply next level. We’ve already begun working together on a major ad project and are looking forward to the final output.” Juno followed on the heels of Messina’s soundtrack work for Reitman’s previous film, Thank You For Smoking, and additional compositions for NBC’s The Office. Mateo has also written his share of music for spots, including scores for Intel, AOL, Volkswagen, The North Face, Microsoft and Sundance Film Festival. Most recently Messina finished work on a commission from the NFL, an arrangement of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir which Messina conducted and performed live with Alice In Chains and members of the Northwest Symphony Orchestra at halftime of the Seattle Seahawks season opener.

As a film composer, Messina views his role as a “story teller,” helping directors and producers move their narrative forward through sound. Messina comments, “I believe viewers should feel the music more than hear it.” In his symphonies and commissions Messina has written for and conducted orchestras, rock bands, a 200-member children’s choir, collegiate drum lines as well as the intimate ensembles he’s used in several feature films. Messina concludes, “Music has so many languages to speak in, there’s no reason to be limited.”

About Mateo Messina:
Mateo Messina has been credited with highly influential, award-winning revered compositions for motion pictures, television shows and commercials throughout his illustrious career. Messina has created original music for films such as Academy Award winner, Juno, the Emmy Award winning television show The Office, and commercial campaigns for AOL, Honda, Volkswagen and Ford to name a few. Currently, Messina is working on his 11th symphony, An American Symphony, creating an original score for Microsoft, and is composing music for a new CBS dramedy.

Recent accolades for Messina include a Best Score Award for The Freak at the Festival Tous Courts in France and an Outstanding Score Award for Terra at the One Reel Film festival in the States. Messina is noted for a distinctive method of approaching the development of his musical endeavors which has proved vastly successful. Messina notes, “The number one priority in creating audio identities is to ultimately enhance the director’s story, because everything comes back to telling a compelling story.” Mateo also uses his music to give back to the community. Each fall for the past 11 years, Mateo writes a new symphony and produces a benefit concert to raise money for Children’s Hospital in his hometown of Seattle with all concert proceeds going into a fund that helps families of the patients.

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