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Spotlight on Switchers: Robots Assist the Switch

Broadcast Pix is introducing new camera control software for its entire range of Slate live video production systems. The new camera control software for Panasonic robotic cameras adds more power, and works with all Broadcast Pix Slate HD and SD systems, from the lower-cost range Slate 100 to the new 2 M/E Slate 5000. Broadcast Pix Slate systems also let operators incorporate camera movements into the switcher’s sequence memory system. The Broadcast Pix sequence memory system surpasses those in other professional switchers by communicating with its graphics and clips stores, instead of only the switcher. The added strength of incorporating camera moves lets you do more, such as position a camera to a speaker and fade on the speaker’s name. The result is a more efficient use of manpower in the control room. Available now. $10,995 (starting for Slate SD models); $14,400 (starting for Slate HD). www.broadcastpix.com

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