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RealD Launches First 3D Stereoscopic Converter 'PODs'

3D-PODs provide a plug-and-play solution for switching from CRT displays to other displays without software enhancements or plug-ins

RealD Pro, the world's most trusted 3D visualization source for industrial applications, has introduced the first 3D stereoscopic converter 'PODs'. The PODs present a simple conversion solution when upgrading to a new stereoscopic display monitor, such as a DLP ® or XPOL HDTV.
The PODs automatically detect the output format from a connected display device and convert most stereo-enabled software applications from native stereoscopic output format to the required format for stereo viewing on the display monitor.

The RealD converter POD provides an immediate, affordable replacement option for CRT or LCD monitor users. When combined with DLP ® TV kits available from RealD Pro, the user simply plugs the source data into the input port on the POD via an HDMI cable and the output HDMI cable into the 3D-ready HD TV.

The 3D converter PODs are designed specifically for research and development environments, where 3D visualization is heavily used and where departments or organizations are seeking alternatives to CRT display technology for stereoscopic applications. Industries include government and defense, entertainment, oil and gas, education, design and development, and medical.

The RealD 3D-PODs make this transition fast, easy, and inexpensive. The 3D-PODs also enable development teams to more easily present their work in front of customers or senior management, providing greater collaboration, improving productivity, reducing prototype expenses and accelerating time to market

“RealD’s introduction of 3D-POD technology brings yet another tool to the industry, cost effectively facilitating 3D visualization” said Michael Lewis, CEO of RealD. “As a leader in 3D visualization systems, RealD is committed to bringing new products to market that will enhance our customers’ abilities and services”.

The three PODs include dual input to checkerboard, side-by-side to horizontal interlace or checkerboard, and page-flip to checkerboard:

1. Dual Input POD ‘ a flexible dual stream video format conversion system that converts a dual stream of data into a checkerboard output for visualization in stereo or as simultaneous independent video streams using RealD’s new CrystalEyes 5 active eyewear. This POD also supports side-by-side conversion when using just a single input.
2. Side-by-Side (SBS) 3D-POD ‘ receives and transmits a single HDMI compatible audio / video signal. When the content is received in RealD SBS format, it is automatically converted into either checkerboard or horizontal interlace format, depending on the connected display device.
3. Page Flip 3D-POD ‘ converts a page-flip (frame sequential) stereo output to a checkerboard format for display on a DLP ® TV. This POD is ideal for stereoscopic software applications used with CRTs.

The RealD 3D-PODs are available through RealD PRO. For further information please visit www.reald-corporate.com/scientific/ or call 800-783-2660.th traditional and new media spaces.

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