So the Clipboard on your Macintosh is a nice thing and there are a lot of utilities that give your Mac multiple clipboards but I’ve never used them for very long. Instead I really like something like ShoveBox from Wonder Warp Software. This handy little utility adds a drop-down item to your menu bar that allows you to shove just about any piece of information into for later use. You can drag and drop from most applications, save web sites as full archives to view offline, grab a moment with an iSight camera, paste what is in your clipboard or just enter a bit of text in QuickJot mode. Once in ShoveBox you can label, organize, flag and rename items. Shoved items can even be placed into their own folders. It was a MacBreak Weekly pick a while back and once I got around to giving it a try I really like it. It’s not too fancy or too flashy, it’s just simple and well thought out. Once you have information in ShoveBox you can organize:


This tool isn’t necessarily for just video editing but any editor that works in all of the applications that support an edit project these days can probably find a use for it. One thing ShoveBox doesn’t do is sync to your iPhone or some cloud-based server. So far that doesn’t bother me. I wonder if I will want that functionality in the future? Of course with no copy/paste on the iPhone I’m not sure how one could use it there! ShoveBox is $24.95 and a free demo is available.