New Zealand's Cirkus Animation uses cheeseball style to satirize (and gently instruct clients on) the animation review and approval process

Taking its tone from the cheesy print and television ads of the 1950s and 60s, “The ABC’s of Animation” introduces new Cirkus Animation clients to the animation review and approval process. It’s meant as both a cautionary tale and unadulterated satire, says Ringmaster Marko Klijn, the facility’s owner. “Animation is complicated and can scare people away,” he says. “So we decided to have a bit of fun using simple language and metaphors, plus old technology, in the style of an old instruction manual. It’s a great tool for clients intimidated by animation.”

What do agencies and other animators think? “The feedback has been overwhelming,” says Klijn. An example: “This is flat out the best introduction to the animation production process that I have ever seen. I’ll be showing this to every student I have.” And this: “I hope you don’t mind, but this needs to be seen by every agency and client in the world. Although I can’t believe it will change the inane comments that come but still… worth the try?”