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StudioTracks: Production Music Apps

iPhone apps to improve your search for royalty-free and licensed library music

With the release of Apple’s iPad and rumors swirling about the upcoming release of its iPhone 4G (which could arrive in stores as early as June 7), we take a look at the current apps aimed at the royalty-free and licensed production music market. If you know of others, comment below or e-mail me to let me know.
The apps that follow will help you locate, manage and, perhaps, inspire your next music library genre search. Though the few I’ve found through the App Store are no more than clever marketing extensions of production companies, expect many more companies to follow these examples and take it up to 11.

1. Music for Productions
Red Squirrel Media

A handy tool for learning about new releases from your mobile, this app also connects to RSM’s Web site. You still need to register before licensing music, however.

2. gig a beats
Duotone Audio Group Ltd.

A resource for editors, CD, DPs and indie filmmakers who want to access Duotone’s library. You can browse a wide variety of genres, tracks, styles, instruments and tempos via streamed content. The app itself is only 1 MB.

3. Top 100 R+B Songs
Top 100 Latest Rock Songs
Top 100 Latest Pop Songs
Top 100 Clubbing & Disco Songs
Top 100 Desi Indian Clubbing Songs

1.99 each

While not connected to libraries for licensing, these WebTechies apps are great for research, giving you immediate reference material for a client’s not-so-direct request. Need something Gaga-esque? Got a Bollywood-style project? Listening to these updated apps will help you zero in on current trends and styles.

4. Music Server

This app lets you transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a music server you control from your computer, letting you search songs in your own library and sort results with multiple criteria. Think of it as a another handy tool to cut to the genre and style chase during client meetings, before you have to start your own licensed search.

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