Letter from IATSE to VES
via fxguide.com

VFX artists will soon join cinematographers, editors, and many others as union members if IATSE, the labor union representing workers in the film industry, gets its way. IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb sent a letter to Visual Effects Society Chair Jeff Okun and Executive Director Eric Roth earlier this week to “formally and publicly” announce the union push.

You can read the letter in full at FXguide.com, which puts the news in context by citing recent overtures from the IATSE’s Animation Guild as well as the IBEW to get more representation for the VFX industry.

“There is an important group missing from our union, the visual effects artists, and it is my firm belief that their rightful home is within the IATSE,” Loeb wrote in the letter to VES leadership. “The time has come to make that happen.”

Loeb said in the letter that IATSE has hired a full-time rep, Jim Goodman, dedicated solely to organizing VFX workers. For more information on the VFX push, contact IATSE’s west coast office via telephone at 818-980-3499 or via email at vfx@iatse-intl.org.