Is there anyone who doesn’t love a few free plug-ins? Of course not … especially when they are actually useful. A tweet came in the other day that pointed to some free transitions for Final Cut Pro. The plug-ins in question come from a site called FilmImpact. I’m not really sure who the proprietor of the new site is, other than Jaap H. Boerhof, who cheerfully tells visitors on the home page to “cut to the chase and download professional plug-ins for free.”

These free transitions include:

  • IMPACT ROLL: An energetic, multi-directional transition that pushes clips on and off the screen several times.
  • IMPACT FLASH: A nice flash transition that can optionally use lots of blur.
  • DIRECTIONAL BLUR: A smooth transition using directional blur.
  • IMPACT BLUR: This one combines blur and dip-to-color to create a dynamic transition.
  • IMPACT PUSH: A smooth multi-directional push with motion blur.
  • IMPACT WIPE: A multi-directional wipe transition using blur.

There is a preview of each transition on the FilmImpact website, so click on over to check them out and/or download. Feel free to donate if you like them and use them. I’m looking forward to seeing what other tools Jaap comes up with.