Brings Latest Version of Benchmark Plug-Ins for Managing Color, Including Stereo 3D Calibration, to SCRATCH Workflows

Colorists have long used cineSpace tools to preview and alter their color choices during DI, animation and VFX post and prepare final outputs for a variety of film and television displays. Assimilate announced today that when users add THX’s cineSpace suite to a SCRATCH Six and SCRATCH Lab workflow, they will now see faster, optimized 64-bit performance across the grading, compositing and finishing pipeline.
The full suite of cineSpace plug-ins available to Assimilate users includes cineProfiler, for color matching; equalEyes, for modifying LUTs throughout the grading workflow; cinePlugins, for generating color previews on workstation monitors during compositing; and cineCube Visual, for creating 3D calibration LUTs. The cineSpace suite was originally developed by Rising Sun Research and, until its acquisition in April by THX, sold by CineTal Systems.

Assimilate says it worked closely with THX to integrate the 64-bit plug-ins within SCRATCH’s 64-bit architecture and says colorists working in the studio with SCRATCH Six and DITs working on set with SCRATCH Lab can expect to see significant speed and performance gains as a result.

At IBC, Assimilate announced that the MAC OS X versions of SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab would also now support SDI output by way of AJA’s KONA 3G card, which added 4K playout via its recent 9.0 firmware update. On the stereo 3D front, Assimilate previewed features coming in the next versions of SCRATCH that will enable remote grading sessions over IP and simplify stereo 3D workflows with more intuitive ways to handle left eye/right eye images separately or in tandem. SCRATCH Six, which added a multilayer timeline and support for ProRes and popular RAW camera formats, began shipping in July.

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