Hum Introduces Hum Tracks

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Hum Introduces Hum Tracks

New Production Music Catalog for Commercial and Promo Spots

Hum, a music production facility in London founded by composer and managing director Joe Glasman, has introduced a new catalog called Humtracks containing several thousand high-production-value tracks designed for commercial, promo and trailer work. The tracks range from new cutting-edge commissions to retro and classic archive and were all composed to length for standard 30-, 40- and 60-second spots. Glasman, also a songwriter, has produced gold and platinum records and has composed for film and television.
Styles in the new collection include quirky and cool surf guitar slides in “A Slight Kink,” uplifting filmic cues in “Elegy,” and screaming electric riffs and other rock styles in “Blue Suede Black Leather.” The catalog features 18 thematic groupings that include approximately 40 arrangements of some 20 compositions for each theme.

In this video, Glasman walks you through the catalog’s highlights:

For more information:

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