This Platform-Agnostic Storage Device Grabs Data Reliably from Alexa to XDCAM.

The advent of multiple file-based recording formats and camera systems necessitates a new generation of efficient data management tools like the Nexto DI, which can accommodate, off-load, and store a range of data protocols and media types. From Alexa and SxS to XDCAM EX and P2 today’s shooter/filmmaker working project to project and (often) from producer to producer may frequently use a variety of cameras from just as many manufacturers. Because the Nexto is a platform-agnostic storage device, it can be invaluable in the field.

The Nexto DI NVS2525 — arguably the world's most versatile video storage device in the field — plays well with a range of cameras and recording media from Sony, Panasonic, JVC and others. The pricier NVS2525-A includes support for the ARRI Alexa.


While the Nexto DI features expected functions like checksum confirmation of data transfer, diagnostic tools to verify media integrity, and convenient built-in HDD storage for routine applications, the unit also allows transfers with equal efficiency and speed up to 3Gb/s to an external eSATA drive. This give you much greater flexibility than you can get thus far in a video storage system. The Nexto also sports an invaluable built-in 2.4-inch LCD, which can facilitate incremental offloads — a useful capability that can help corral the exploding amount of original camera footage that can often come with undisciplined shooters and producers.

Is it completely fail-proof? Well, it's relative. For almost ten years file-based recording has instilled fear in shooters, as original camera files must be offloaded securely with absolute reliability to an HDD or another storage medium like LTO. The NEXTO DI is designed to minimize the risk of failed or incomplete transfers, but still the shooters’ fears persist, exacerbated by manufacturers’ disclaimers like the one seen on the back of the device, above.

Even so, operation of the Nexto in all its incarnations is fast and efficient, even in winter with gloved hands via a single front-facing button. This means that when offloading camera files you can perform it single-handedly, which inevitably may arise in the heat of battle.