Patrick Donnelly

New York's Cinema Five Films is a new production and post studio in the Flatiron district of Manhattan that brings together director/DP Patrick Donnelly, director Tim Pumphrey and editor Mark Breese. Their specialty is a little bit of everything, including integrated marketing campaigns for major brands like Sobe, Neutrogena, and Chevy; live performance shoots with bands including Kanye West, Death Cab for Cutie, and the White Stripes; and even feature films (Donnelly's longform resume includes the Iraq War vet drama Divergence and a sci-fi Julius Caesar.) "Clients today are looking to partner with companies that can take the creative reins of a project and shephered it through from concept to post," Donnelly said in a statement announcing the new company. We asked him Five Questions about work, hipster comedy, and why he loves his F3.

Q. What are you working on today?  

A: Today we’re editing an integrated marketing spot for Sobe and MTV that we shot in Las Vegas last week. We just finished another five-spot integrated marketing campaign for Kraft’s Belvita breakfast bar and MTV with Snooki and Deena from The Jersey Shore.

Q. What’s the best tool or innovation that you’ve started employing in the last year?  

A: Shooting S-Log 4:4:4 with my Sony F3 camera. It’s given me the ability to work with uncompressed imagery, and more latitude to work with the images in the color-correction suite.

Q. What’s the project — film, TV show, commercial, or music video — that most impressed you in the last year and why?  

A: I love the IFC show Portlandia. It’s a hilarious take on hipster culture in a Monty Python-esque style.

Q. What’s your favorite project that you worked on in the past year and why?

A: I’m very happy with my "Rhapsody 60 Days" spot. It posed some interesting technical challenges for me with its use of time-lapse/motion control integrated into live action. The initial creative brief had only time-lapse shots of various locations, but this was changed to incorporate the character’s journey through a day listening to Rhapsody in various locations around San Francisco. We used motion control to capture the character in real time as the world around him speeds up. This gave a perfect visual metaphor for a Rhapsody user's experience..

Q: Who are the top four artists on your iPod?

A: Right now it’s Lykke Li, The Who, Nick Drake, and DESCENDENTS.