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Sound Devices Adds 664 Production Mixer to Field Kit Range

The Mixer Joins the Newly Upgraded PIX 220i and PIX 240i IPS-based LCD Recorders

Sound Devices has rounded out its line of portable production mixers with a new version that expands on the feature set inside the popular 552 Production Mixer. The new 664 Production Mixer comes with more input/output connectivity and recording options in a package that, says the company, is more flexible and easier to use than the 552. Boasting six input channels with dedicated controls for trim, fader, pan and PFL and four output buses, the mixer can record up to 10 tracks, 16- or 24-bit broadcast WAV files to SD and/or CompactFlash cards.

Although the new mixer features full analog recording paths, inputs 1 and 6 can be selected as AES3 or AES42 inputs for digital microphones, each with its own SRC for simplicity in system clocking.

Beyond the main audio I/O, the new 664 Mixer is built for the kind of complex productions these days that require a variety of connectivity options. Return monitoring has been expanded, and the mixer also includes a dedicated private line connection via a comm return input, separate from camera returns.

Sound Devices used IBC to launch updated versions of its PIX 220i and PIX 240i recorders. Available this month, the PIX 220i and PIX 240i include five-inch IPS-based LCD panels, with accurate color and off-axis viewing.

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