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FCP X Gets a Free, Feature-Rich Update

Version 10.0.6 Adds Multichannel Audio Editing, Copy-and-Paste Attributes, and Native R3D Support

Forget about that undersized iPad. The real action at Apple is with the controversial Final Cut Pro X, which got another free update this week.

Users who really hate what Apple did with the program's look and feel may not find much solace in the changes that bring Final Cut Pro to version 10.0.6. But the company has done a good job of catching up on features that were inexplicably missing when the much-derided FCP X first launched last year. The most vocal "switchers" who moved to Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro after deciding that Apple had lost its focus on the pro market may never look back. But some users are saying this might be the upgrade that makes FCP a serious tool once again.

One big step forward is the return of multichannel audio editing, with a new drop-down menu option that expands a clip to show separate channels. A new Import Media button allows footage to be pulled in from all sources, including attached cameras, hard drives, and network drives, in the same interface.

Red users can now work with raw R3D files natively, rather than transcoding to ProRes before importing them, a huge workflow win for Red users. FCP X even has an option to bring up an Event Viewer (which displays only clips from the Event Browser) as needed, allowing users to restore the two-viewer set-up of traditional NLEs to compare shots or match action. The new "Share Project" menu has presets for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and various Apple devices as well as the ability to create a custom Compressor setting as a new destination.

And FCP X now supports copy-and-paste attributes from clip to clip, with a checkbox interface that lets you select specifically which attributes (video and audio effects, transformations, crops and distortions, etc) are transferred to the target clip. Also new are a single-keystroke freeze-frame function and a new drop-shadow effect for text and objects with adjustable properties.

And there's more. The update is free, so if you're already using FCP X you can dive on in. If you're still a skeptic, here are some more resources from Apple.com and elsewhere that will clue you in to what's new, how it works, and what implications it might have for your own workflow if you decide to give FCP X a shot.

For more information: www.apple.com/finalcutpro/


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  • http://twitter.com/anthem11 Matthew Harrington

    It’s neat, but it also broke half the lesson projects on the Peach Pit book’s DVD.

  • Cougfan

    Yep – moved on.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Apple got the memo, pro video people no longer trust them.

  • Overviper

    You mean they “upgraded” in order to do things you already could do for years in Premiere, Vegas, Avid…

    • robo

      and FCP before “X”

  • http://twitter.com/romicom1 romicom

    A lot of people are just not easy to adapt to change. From the word go, many reviewers had predicted that a lot of the missing features would eventually come back. the interface has changed but there was always a possibility to run both the old FCP and FCPX on a computer. Am happy that Apple is responding to the demands of those pros who chose to stay with them,

  • zirin

    It still doesn’t seem to have selective, or secondary, color tools. Also i can’t open legacy projects in X right? 7toX XML just doesn’t cut it. FCPX is still lacking in my opinion.

  • RealTvOne

    To little to late.

  • swany65

    nothing to see here move along. As did a lot of the professional market for this product.