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Red Teases Redray Player Shipments, 4K Content Distribution Network

Details were scarce, but Red's Jarred Land posted to reduser.net over the weekend to tease the upcoming release of the Redray Player, which promises affordable 4K playback for both pros and consumers.

We've been hearing about Redray for quite a while now, but the new news yesterday seems to be not just that production has ramped up at RED's Southern California facilities, but also that Red has been working on a 4K content distribution network that will help filmmakers get material that they acquire and finish at 4K resolution into the home theaters of consumers with a jones for high-resolution content.

"For Redray, we have partnered with one of the most innovative content distribution companies that both content owners and viewers have ever seen," Land wrote, "and we built it right into Redray."

Pricing and other details on the device won't be available until an "official announcement" is made and Red starts taking pre-orders "in a couple weeks," Land said, but there's a pretty thorough spec list at Red's website, if you're curious.

Also on the way from Red is a promised 4K Redray projector that supports 3D passive-glasses playback at up to 120 fps on a 15-foot screen for less than $10,000. Land didn't specifically mention that the projector will be part of the forthcoming announcement, but he did say that when the projectors do ship, the Redray player will be included. That should make it a nice alternative for facilities that need basic 4K screening capabilities as well as for consumers who don't want to shell out as much as $25,000 for a massive 4K display to get a big, massively detailed picture. Stay tuned.

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