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Flying Lotus: “Tiny Tortures”

Director David Lewandowski gave amputee Elijah Wood a new arm built from the junk lying around his bedroom for this serenely surreal new video for the electronic musician Flying Lotus that climaxes with a sequence of intense colors before returning to monochromatic reality. If that isn't enough for you, check out the process montage reel Lewandowski posted to Vimeo, below. And scroll all the way down to see a full list of credits.

Credit Roll

Director, David Lewandowski

Starring, Elijah Wood

VFX supervisor, Dustin Bowser
Cinematographer, Christian Sprenger
Line Producer, Christian Heuer
Exec. Producer, Laura Tunstall

1st AD, Jesse Sternbaum
1st AC, Justin Watson
2nd AC, Jacqueline Stahl
Additional Assist, Ben Dislinger
Key Grip, Kyle Honnig
BB Grip, Tommy Villa
Set Photography, Theo Jemison
DIT, Chris Hoyle
Gaffer, Cody Jacobs
BB Electric, Brandon Wilson
Electric, Doug Biel
Key PA, Lori Altobelli
Production Assistant, Blair Neighbors

Makeup/Prosthetic Effects, Kate Mullin
Makeup Assist, Casey Wong
Stylist, Michelle Thompson

Production Designer, Alexander Delgado
Set dresser, Chad Bailey
Set dresser, Logan Noh
Set dresser, Chad Tomlinson

Production manager, Bryson Pintard
Production coordinator, Matthew Pittman

Concept art, Ben Mauro
Technical Supervisor/Animation, Patrick Goski
Animation/Modeling/Lighting, Alexander Lehnert
Animation, David Estis
Character TD, Bret Bays

Additional animation/Simulation/Matchmove, Josh Johnson
Additional animation/Illustration, William Mendoza
Illustration, Jake Portman
Sound design: John King

Special thanks, Caviar Content, Visual Creatures, Erin Cantelo, John King, Chebo, T-Stop, Maxon    

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  • Doug Siemens

    My. Gosh. Stunning.