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Wallace & Gromit: Google+ Hangout

Aardman Animations went all out for Google+, with director Merlin Crossingham bringing together Aardman's best-known creations, Wallace and Gromit, along with a supporting cast of secondary players. Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss (from Creature Comforts), Shaun the Sheep, and Ginger (from Chicken Run) illustrate the idea that Google+ video hangouts can help bring far-flung families together for the holidays. Here are the full credits for the spot: 

Client: GOOGLE+ 
Product: Google Hangout

Agency: Adam and Eve DDB
Producer: Sophie Stewart
Creatives: Aidan McClure and Laurent Simon

Animation Studio: Aardman Animations
Director: Merlin Crossingham
Producer: Steph Owen
Production Coordinator: Louise Johnson
D.O.P: Dave Alex Riddett
Editor: Dan Hembury
Sound Editor: Will Norie
Floor Manager: Leigh Manning
Animator: Andy Symanowski
Animator: Laurie Sitzia
Animator: Darren Thomson
Compositor: Bram Ttwheam
Compositor: Carl Chittenden
Assistant Animator: Justin Smith
Rigger: Al Barrett
Camera Assistant: John Quarrel
Spark: Clive Scott
Props/Set Maker: Kitty Clay
Props/Set Maker: Joe Bourbon
Model Maker: Chris Entwhistle
Model Maker: Gary Losh
Model Maker: Sarah Edwards
Model Maker: Jack Slade
Graphic Design: Gavin Lines
Storyboard Artist: Andy Janes
Track Breakdown: Chris Stock

Post Production:

Post House: The Mill
Final Sound: The Factory   

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