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Full Moon Silhouettes

A Canon 1D Mark IV, a very long lens, and more than a mile of distance gave photographer Mark Gee this awe-inspiring look at New Zealanders watching the moon rise over Wellington. On Vimeo, Gee says he was shooting from 1.3 miles across town toward the Mount Victoria lookout using a Canon EF 500mm f/4 L lens with a 2x extender that gave him an equivalent focal length of 1300mm.


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  • Wallace Braud

    Gorgeous shot. But definitely not real time. Almost looks like a double exposure of the people and then the moon, because ALL the people are moving real time, with the moon, obviously, being time lapse. GREAT work, though.

    • Tom K

      Pretty sure that is how fast the moon rises—look at the atmospheric distortion around the moons edge. Plus, if it were shot how you say, what are the people being silhouetted against? Unless you’re also saying this is a process shot.

  • John Brune

    That is not a time lapse. That is the real thing. I think this video is genius. Was there any reframing of the shot during editing? Or is that how you originally framed it? Figuring out where the moon is going to be is difficult. Is there an app you use for that? Great job!