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5 Alarm Music Releases An Authentic Crooner Timeless Vocals Album

5 Alarm Music announces the release of the Timeless Vocals album, which includes album producer JD Adams who also sang 2 tracks in the album, and other Grammy Award winning composers Tim Hosman, Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum.

The third installment of 5 Alarm Music’s Timeless Vocals series is said to make a person feel like he or she is at the Sands Casino lounge in swinging Las Vegas circa 1958, or a flapper painting the town like Daisy Buchanan in the prohibition-era NY novel The Great Gatsby.

The album also features society strings, big bold brass sections and vocals laced with class and sophistication only The Golden Years can offer. This is only to be expected especially with Grammy award winners and all around heavyweight composers who are known to pen songs that stay ingrained in one’s brain.

Tales of love savored, dodging Cupid’s arrow and even the art of fine Italian cuisine are told with a sense of humor bound to put a swing in one’s step. Not only did JD Adams do a fine production job, but he also sang on track 4 – Kiss Me Tenderly and track 10 – My Heartstrings Trio.

“It was an absolute blast getting to produce an album that drew inspiration from such a classic era in music. There is a true sense of nostalgia and authenticity that rings through every record on this album. The experience was made even more unforgettable through the efforts of the incredibly talented writing team of Tim Hosman, Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum. Getting to work with incredible Grammy Award winning songwriters was a true pleasure and privilege that will stay with me for years to come.” comments JD Adams.

A preview of the songs from this album can be found by doing a search on “Timeless Vocals” on 5 Alarm Music’s Search & Download page.

Visit http://www.5alarmmusic.com/ for more information.

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