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FotoKem Adds the Power of Mistika to DI Suites

Burbank, California, U.S., 14 March 2013  –  FotoKem, a leading post production resource for the worldwide creative community, has added two Mistika 4K systems in their Burbank facility, bolstering their end-to-end services. The Mistika systems will share an SGO configured SAN, supporting FotoKem’s high frame rate, 3D and digital intermediate/colour services. The installation fosters FotoKem’s 50 years of focus on their clients’ needs through investing in technologically advanced tools and solutions to expertly guide film-makers through the entire process from production to post.

After careful evaluation, FotoKem made the decision to move forward with Mistika because the system met all their requirements for quality and speed, combined with a proven track record from SGO. FotoKem’s Mike Brodersen, VP of Strategy, said, “We are thoughtful and diligent in our choices of tools and technologies. After meeting with the Mistika team, we are confident that this system will provide the powerful features we need to support our clients and enable them to work the way they want.”

SGO's Mistika is the most advanced system around, constantly evolving to meet the demands of its users. Continuously pushing the envelope of possibilities, the SGO team is focused on providing its customers with breath-taking feature-sets and highly efficient workflows to help create even more engaging ways to tell stories, through digital media. Mistika is a powerful complete production system that brings editing, colour grading, DI, image restoration, VFX, advanced graphics, and much more, in 2D and 3D, across all formats and resolutions from 2K to 5K and beyond, all in one system.

The Mistika systems have been supplied and supported by local SGO partner AArmadillo Inc. CEO Colin Ritchie states “With decreasing margins and worldwide competition it’s important to make informed technology business decisions and stay ahead of the pack. Satisfying the studio’s requirements to do something different with HFR’s and increasing resolutions above 2K for theatrical and broadcast delivery requires careful informed technology planning. FotoKem’s choice of the Mistika systems will ensure they are well prepared for whatever Hollywood can think up next.” 

Geoff Mills, SGO’s Director of Global Sales & Operations adds “With this highly significant investment in Mistika, FotoKem has become an undisputed leader in the film community. We are delighted that they have selected Mistika as their core system for the future. Mistika’s abilities have made it possible to advance companies to new heights in terms of technical quality, allowing FotoKem to provide the best creative experience for their clients.”

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