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Fujinon Sets 85-300mm Cabrio Lens for NAB Debut

New UltraWide Field Production Lens and Enhanced Focus-Assist System Will Also Debut

Fujinon will arrive at NAB this year with the Premier PL 85-300mm Cabrio lens, a new, longer version of the 19-90mm Cabrio ZK4.7×19 lens it introduced at last year's show.

Cabrio is short for cabriolet, or convertible. Like its predecessor, the new lens features an easily removable handgrip with a zoom rocker for easy switching between ENG-style and film-style operation. With its longer focal range, it's geared toward shooters of commercials and docs, especially those featuring nature and wildlife footage. What's more, the company says it's similar in size and weight (3.0 kg with the servo drive attached and 2.5 kg without) to the 19-90 version.

From 85-220mm, the lens is T2.9, moving to T4.0 at the long end of its range. It has flange focal distance adjustment, a minimum object distance of 1.2 meters (with a macro function that works at 97mm or 3.8 inches), and covers a 31.5mm image circle. It supports LDS and /i metadata and can be controlled using standard wireless controllers.

The new XA99x (8.4-832mm) UltraWide lens is geared toward live sports and entertainment event production. It will be shown with an enhanced version of Fujinon's Precision Focus Assist system as well as new image-stabilization technology.

The company will also show the new 1/3-inch XT17sx4.5BMD lens with remote-control operation for videoconferencing, weather cams, eductional, and studio robotic applications.

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