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Matthews to Show New Makalu System Remote Head at NAB 2013

Also on Display: a Quieter Matthews Slider, Wireless Motion-Control for the FloatCam DC Slider, and More

Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) debuted its lineup of new camera-support products for NAB, led by MotionPeak's Makalu System, a remote head geared toward time-lapse and VFX cinematography.

The Makalu is controlled using a multi-axis jog box with a joystick that connects via WiFi to an iPad or iPhone. "The system gives the user the ability to connect to a Mac running the accompanying eSpinO software, allowing for endless programming and tweaking of motion-control camera moves," said Robert Kulesh, MSE VP of sales and marketing in a prepared statement.

The new Matthews Slider, designed by gaffer and camera operator Alex Amyot, was conceived as a lighter and quieter slider — not just to allow the use of location sound but also to avoid disturbing actors.

The regular and heavy-duty (HD) versions of MSE's FloatCam DC Slider are getting a new wireless motion-control system with a range of up to 500 feet (150m). A wired connection is optional.

MSE's LazySuzy is a new double-swivel camera platform that allows camera placement anywhere within a circle 25 inches in diamater without repositioning its dolly, tripod, or car-mount rig.

And the Intel-A-JibLITE gets an upgrade this year, with the UnderslingLITE, an add-on allowing the camera operator more freedom to work under the jib arm, no matter where it's positioned, without being blocked by the arm.

Also at the MSE booth will be the Matthews Max Menace Arm, which won a Scientific and Technical Oscar earlier this year.

For more information: www.msegrip.com

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