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NVIDIA Ships Four New Quadro Graphics Cards

New Line-Up Broadens the Market for Kepler GPU Architecture

NVIDIA today announced four new Quadro graphics cards based on its Kepler architecture, reducing the cost of entry for pro users.

Joining the top-of-the-line K5000 ($2249) in the Kepler desktop line-up are the Quadro K4000 ($1269), a high-end single-slot card with 3 GB of onboard memory targeted at the media and entertainment market; the Quadro K2000 and K2000D (both $599), a mid-range card with 2 GB of onboard RAM that comes in a version with two dual-link DVI display connectors for the medical-imaging market; and the Quadro K600 ($199), an entry-level card with 1 GB of RAM.

Not only do the new cards offer higher performance at the same price points as their Fermi predecessors, but they also offer lower power consumption, Nvidia said, with the K4000 drawing 80 watts, the K2000 running on 51 watts, and the K600 pulling just 41 watts. The big daddy of the Kepler line, the K5000, draws a whopping 122 watts.

Source: NVIDIA

Users can ramp up with various NVIDIA Maximus configurations, said Sandeep Gupte, Nvidia's senior director of the professional solutions group, noting that the Tesla K20 GPU compute card will add formidable computation power to any of the Kepler-based Quadros. 

The new Kepler-based cards are available immediately from OEMs and NVIDIA channel partners.

For more information: www.nvidia.com

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  • Robert A. Ober

    You might have mentioned if they will work on both Mac and Wintel.