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Vimeo Adds On Demand Paid-Viewing Option

Company Offers 90/10 Split with Creators on Streams, Downloads

Vimeo revealed the backbone of its Creator Services strategy at South by Southwest today, announcing Vimeo On Demand, an open e-commerce platform allowing content creators to sell access to videos hosted on Vimeo. Content creators retain 90 percent of revenues; Vimeo takes a 10 percent cut. Participation in the service requires users to maintain a $199/year Vimeo Pro membership.
Vimeo On Demand videos can be viewed on desktop computers, mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows, smart TV platforms, and other devices including Apple TV and Roku.
The first exclusive title announced for the platform is It's Such a Beautiful Day, the acclaimed feature-length collection of three shorts by animator Don Hertzfeldt, which is available for rent for $2 or for sale for $6. (That's how it's billed, anyway — as I write this, I have been unable to download my "purchase" of the title, though it streamable in high quality.) Other titles available for paid viewing today include the documentaries Shut Up and Play the Hits, We Are Legion, Sons of the Clouds, and Beauty is Embarrassing.
Vimeo announced the service with a characteristically quirky video explanation (see above). 
For more information, visit Vimeo's On Demand page: vimeo.com/ondemand/, or read about it on the company's blog


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  • Joe Mahma

    Wow. Think of all the Vimeo members that can now charge for their gay porn!

  • Douglas Velie

    I wonder if any knows I’m friggin bald.

  • Anderson

    10% ? Typical distributor.. You’d make more money picking up cans in ditches.

    • Bryant Frazer

      90 percent goes to the creator, not to Vimeo. I’ve edited the story to make that clear!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-FitzGerald/661485534 Brian FitzGerald

    They figure to make their money on the required $199/year “Pro” membership.