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A Little Bit Behind

What if you built a time machine that left you living in the past — three seconds in the past? This 48 Hour Film Project short from Australia is the story of Stevie "three seconds" Palmer, a part-time chef and full-time time-traveler. It's directed by Paul Slater, edited by Chris Byrnes and David Mason, and photographed by Leigh Hubner.


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  • wbraud

    One of the best 48 hour project films I’ve ever seen ! ! ! Kudos to all involved.

  • Tom Papas

    I was recently in Los Angeles at the Filmapalooza 48 Hour Film Project International Screenings… a lot of filmmakers were coming up to me to say what an amazing film ‘A little Bit Behind’ was… congrats guys

  • richie

    nice work team :)