Users Can Sign Up Immediately for the Public Beta, Which Is Coming Soon

Red Giant used NAB to officially launch its new logging, backup, review, on-set color and delivery tool, BulletProof, in private beta since April 1. A public beta will precede shipment of the full version this summer, for Macintosh only. A Windows version will be released later.

Designed by Red Giant co-founder Sean Safreed, former Adobe Photoshop UX Designer Sandy Alves, and filmmaker/VFX artist Stu Maschwitz, also creative director of the Magic Bullet product line, BulletProof streamlines the entire on-set offload and review process, from pulling in and backing up footage from multiple cards and cameras to organizing, reviewing and tweaking that footage before it is passed off to an editor.

The response to the beta has been overwhelming, animator and Red Giants Effects Guru Aharon Rabinowitz told us. "When people think you're joking because it sounds too good to be true, that's a really great place to be." Asked why it's already such a home run, Rabinowitz underscored how important the process of making films is to Red Giant's engineering and R&D. "We're making tools for what we need on set and in the post suite."

In a prepared statement, Maschwitz further explained, "My product designs emerge from my own needs as a filmmaker. Every time I return from a shoot, I'm faced with the same dilemma: how to manage all my footage. And I face the same burning questions: Will my shots look as good on the screen as they did in my viewfinder? Will it cut? How do I get it to my editor looking the way I want?"

BulletProof, he added, lets him check shots and start the color correction process on set, either by burning color in or sending it out as a LUT. The tool is easy enough, Maschwitz said, "for a distracted director, like me, to use on set, but powerful enough for a dedicated DIT."

Several productions are already looking into the BulletProof beta, including DP Alex Buono and editor Adam Epstein of the SNL Film Unit. Red Giant says it is targeting similar fast-paced productions involving DSLR and sports-cam workflows.

A public beta is coming soon. Filmmakers can sign up for the test drive at Red Giant's BulletProof product page.

In this Fresh DV video, FreshDV post-production host, Editblog creator and StudioDaily reviewer Scott Simmons talks to Maschwitz about what Bulletproof can do.