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State of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh

The director addressed the San Francisco International Film Festival this weekend on the difference between movies and cinema, Hollywood economics, and the one thing you should be sure to mention when you're pitching your next movie idea. (If you can't spare 40 minutes for the video, Indiewire has a good transcript.)


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  • Dan.

    Geez, i can’t stream and watch this content in HD or SD. Give me a break Vimeo…I am at work on like an oc3 line, and why wouldn’t you put a copy of the video on Youtube? where i have never had a problem watching content. If you are going to take the time to shoot something, follow through and put it up on a service that can deliver it, and for free. I don’t usually rant online, in fact this is kind of a first for me but i’m frustrated because i was genuinely interested in watching this. This in turn allowed me to get invested in it and then came the stuttering and quarter sentences and one wo….wait….rd…, just unwatchable. I am so spoiled, not long ago this was not even possible. I don’t even know what i’m going on about anymore, thank goodness i’m over it. ‘all have a nice day.

    • Anonymous

      As Louis CK said, “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy!” Seriously, though, while Vimeo embeds seem to work well most of the time, we try to track down a YouTube version when it’s possible since those seem to be more bulletproof. When I have trouble playing a Vimeo video I generally hit “reload” several times and that eventually fixes the problem. Your mileage may vary, though.

  • Dan.

    Me again, and then I go to try to view the Phantom 4K 1000fps video, which is on Vimeo too and NOTHING! What am i doing?

  • Dan

    Today I tried it all again and it worked great, seem like all the problems are sorted. Hope i wasn’t too negative. Thanks bryant for the tip too, i will try that going forward. Things are pretty amazing!