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Sohonet Launches Cloud Storage Service

Sohonet Media Storage Designed to Let Facilities Scale Up on a Project-by-Project Basis

Sohonet launched a new service offering private cloud storage for the media and entertianment industry. The Sohonet Media Storage platform offers users anywhere from a terabyte to multiple petabytes of easily scalable storage, accessed through the Sohonet Media Network at speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
The service is designed to allow users to quickly tap supplementary storage capacity when their own storage infrastructure fills up. It's aimed at facilities that operate on a project-by-project basis, often needing to ramp up storage for the short term.
"Media companies and service providers are crying out for a short-term, flexible storage service that enables them to expand and extend storage capability on production or post-production projects quickly, easily and without having to purchase and maintain assets," said Sohonet Director of Product Management Ben Dair. "Sohonet Media Storage has been developed to respond to this need by providing flexible, affordable access to short and long-term archiving, back up, and parking as well as a viable option for intermediate storage or as an alternative to LTO or portable disks."
Sohonet Media Storage is attached and embedded within the Sohonet Media Network and is built on the Open Stack cloud computing technology, with embedded redundancy.
"We are extending our expertise beyond the network, to include a range of specialist, media-aware offerings, on an infrastructure-as-a-service basis," said Sohonet CEO Dave Scammell. "Our latest service, Sohonet Media Storage, promises to take the headache out of storage procurement on both a short and long-term basis for new and existing members of our Sohonet Media Network."


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  • filmmaker

    Our company will never do Cloud storage or have anything to do with a product that is Cloud based. Adobe lost our business as well.

    • Realist

      Ha. good luck buddy!
      Climb back under your rock with your film stock.

    • MrVFX

      haha He’s funny :) I think adapt or die comes to mind ;)

    • a guest

      Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?