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Amnesty Norway: No Means No

Can video change the world? Of course it can. Here's a Gold Clio and Gold Lion award-winning PSA for Amnesty International that rewrote Norwegian sexual assault law. Watch the video to see how it worked. Film and commercial director Hans Petter Moland, represented in the U.S. by Accomplice in Santa Monica, crafted a PSA for Oslo agency Try/Apt aimed at making a point about Norwegian law, which defined rape as a sexual assault involving violence or threats — not simply the victim's lack of consent. The shows a woman meeting a man at a party; when they retreat to a private room, he starts pressuring her into having sex. The woman's repeatedly stated "No" is muted on the soundtrack, reflecting the lack of legal heft given to her objections. The PSA was posted and connected to a petition that garnered more than 45,000 signatures, generating widespread media attention that forced local politicians to bring the law in line with other Western countries.

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