Katana Customers Will Get a Full RenderMan License As Solutions Are Integrated

The Foundry's Katana will include RenderMan as a standard feature under the terms of a new strategic collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios.

Karana customers will receive one RenderMan Pro Server license as a standard part of their first 10 Katana interactive desktop licenses, as well as 10 free Katana batch licenses to support any additional RenderMan systems connected.

The companies noted that Katana and RenderMan were used together on the recent Disney/Pixar short "The Blue Umbrella" and said engineering teams had been working to better support RenderMan in Katana and add new features to Katana.

"Our end goal is to help create production-efficient software that is not only loved by artists, but also produces the amazing quality that Pixar's RenderMan is known for," said RenderMan Business Director Chris Ford in a prepared statement.