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Jumping Duckling

Sony is fond of this clip from the PBS series Nature, and for good reason. The episode, An Original DUCKumentary, is up for four Emmys, including Outstanding Cinematography, thanks in part to slow-motion footage captured with the NEX-FS700. The credited cinematographers are Matt Bradbury, Michael Male, Ann Johnson Prum, and Andrew Young. We're not sure exactly who shot this jumping duckling, but we offer kudos all around for the terrific wildlife photography.


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  • JJ

    How many times did they have to throw that poor duckling out of the tree to get those shots?

  • V


  • SJ

    There were dozens of ducklings involved in capturing this sequence, none were harmed (or “thrown out of a tree”) and some of the shots that may seem staged are real. It would have been impossible to capture 100% of this sequence without some trickery, but multiple cameras and multiple nests were involved.