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MTV Video Awards Shoot with Ikegami Cameras, ARRI CMOS, and Fujinon Glass

Watching the MTV VMAs on Sunday night? Here's what's making the images you'll be looking at — it's Ikegami's HDK-97ARRI camera, which uses a large-format ARRI CMOS, plus a Fujinon PL19-90 Cabrio Premiere zoom mounted on the front. MTV ordered eight cameras and eight lenses before NAB this year, and took delivery in May. The cameras will be used handheld and Steadicam during the show, as well as on pedestals and jibs. Technicians from Fujifilm and Ikegami will be on-site during the live broadcast. 

"If the new camera gear survives this, it can survive anything" said Danny Walters, project engineer for Viacom Media Networks, Music Group and Logo, Technical Operations and Remote division in Nashville, TN, in a statement.

MTV's always used the VMAs an excuse to experiment with getting great looks from a live event, and this gear sounds like it's a broadcast version of the ARRI Alexa. Watch this show loud.

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