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P+S Technik Upgrades PS-Cam X35 to Hit 1,500fps

Mark II Version, Starting at $73,000, Boasts Improved Raw Format Support

P+S Technik updated its high-speed PS-Cam X35 to the Mark II version, upping its slow-motion capabilities from 450fps on the previous-generation camera to 1,500 fps on the new model. The company said sports applications demand ever-higher frame rates for super-slo-mo playback.

The PS-CAM's raw format is PS-RAW, which the company said it has improved through support for DNG and DPX file formats as well as through integration with Convergent Design's Gemini 4:4:4 recorder. Of course, the X35 can output HD video as well.

And there's good news for early adopters — the company says upgrades are available for current PS-Cam X35 owners.

The PS-Cam X35 Mark II starts at 55,000 Euros — around $73,000 at current conversion rates.

P+S Technik (Munich, Germany): www.pstechnik.de/en/index.php

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  • Anonymous

    Will they be upgrading the Kubrick Kit as well?