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Adobe Schedules October Feature Updates to Creative Cloud

IBC Demos to Show iPad Logging App, New Color Workflow, and After Effects Features

Adobe announced a slew of forthcoming updates to its Creative Cloud video tools, including a new color pipeline linking Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade, expanded native format support for 4K and higher resolutions, and performance and workflow enhancements in Premiere. The new features will be demonstrated at IBC and released to Creative Cloud subscribers in October.

The company described "more than 150" features, including an iPad "companion app," Prelude Live Logger, which allows users to handle logging tasks on their iPad during a shoot, including a new feature that uses wireless timecode generators to keep footage in sync with metadata across the Creative Cloud applications once the footage is ingested through Prelude CC.

Adobe Speedgrade CC. Click to see screenshots at full resolution.

SpeedGrade has been updated to fully implement Adobe's Mercury Playback Engine, enabling a new direct link between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade that makes it easier to transfer multitrack timelines between the programs, preserving track layouts, adjustment layers,  dissolves and effects. Meanwhile, SpeedGrade now supports multiple masks, allowing easier creation of complex looks. Linked Mask Layers allow users to use one mask for multiple grading layers, and newly integrated SpeedLooks from LookLabs for quick cinematic looks.

Premiere Pro has native support for new UltraHD, 4K, and raw formats — as well as Red Dragon 6K footage — and multicam and closed-captioning tools have been improved. Dynamic monitor overlays can be created to provide important information at a glance. 

Adobe After Effects CC. Click to see screenshots at full resolution.

After Effects has a new Rigid Mask Tracker designed to eliminate time-consuming rotoscoping tasks by allowing effects to be attached to be masks as they track against moving video, as well as a new Detail Preserving Upscale effect born from technology originally developed in Photoshop, which should generate higher quality upscales from SD to HD resolution, or from HD to 4K. The popular Warb Stabilizer tool has had a lot of work done under the hood, speeding the analysis phase up by as much as eight times, Adobe said. And After Effects has been added to the Adobe Anywhere platform, allowing creative collaboration with Premiere users.

And Prelude now gets the ability to export individual clips and subclips from the project panel, and to print lists of markers (via HTML or CSV export) for crew members who need a hard copy. Prelude has also been updated with support for GoPro footage and metadata.

For a better product-by-product look at some of the new features in action, check out some of the videos indexed on Adobe TV's IBC 2013 preview page.


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  • Mark

    Since CC is still a subscription based service – no thanks. I don’t rent my tools.
    As long as Adobe stays with their subscription model, they won’t get my $.This wouldn’t be worth it even at $1.99 a month.

    • Taylor

      Same here. I own CS6 and my financial relationship with Adobe is finished.

    • Pierre Huot

      What is so wrong in “renting” a tool ?

      Really, I don’t understand the fuss…

  • Ron Tyler

    Adobe CC is the only way to go. I have been a member for two years. If it was not for ADOBE CC I could afford all the software I use daily. Thanks ADOBE for a job well done. Now I can afford to compete with the big boy studios.