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Vimeo on Demand Options Expand to Rent or Buy Pricing and Preordering

Upgrades are Exclusive to Vimeo Pro Subscribers

It just got a little easier to sell your original project online using the recently launched Vimeo on Demand service. Vimeo has announced upgrades exclusive to Vimeo Pro users that now let filmmakers better control the way their viewers watch, order and eventually buy their works.

In an effort to help draw a wider net of viewers for its users, Vimeo is introducing new "Rent and Own" pricing options that let viewers stream content for a single viewing or download it for watching locally on their devices. The company says that some 100 million monthly unique visitors watch high-definition Vimeo content on devices that include desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and game consoles. A new promo code generator also lets filmmakers push out digital coupons to potential viewers, such as to the press and other producing partners, who might help build awareness for their work. In that same vein, the new preorder option gives content creators more lead time to market their films and drive advanced sales.

As promised, Vimeo continues to roll out more ways to track revenue and viewing trends through additional analytics. The company is combining this data with the "Advanced Stats" already available to Vimeo Pro subscribers to give them a clearer idea of their overall viewing audience.

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