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Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

Portland ad agency Sincerely Truman created the lushly illustrated Dear J.J. Abrams campaign with the aim of mobilizing Star Wars fans to demand more from Disney — and touting its own creative chops in the process.


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  • High Drama Man

    All Rules are Right On!!! May the force be with us.

  • Anonymous

    The problems with Ep 1-3 came first from letting George Lucas direct. He got lucky with the chemistry of the original cast. He had some good picks the for ep 1-3 but they lacked chemistry & magic necessary to overcome Lucas’ people directing skills. The Anakin/Padme romance, was epic, epic fail.

    2nd was making it look like a video game. I’m ok with showing a cleaner, earlier time but leave out the obviously ridiculous gamer scenes. Tatooine frontier was still dirty as were other “frontier” locations. CG isn’t bad but it does get abused.

    The cute factor appeared in 1983, not with ep1-3. You knew George was softening after Empire with the introduction of the ewoks.

    Not all the updates to ep4-6 were bad but Han did shoot first and Hayden shouldn’t be in ROTJ.

    Please forget 3D!!!