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Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q Is Finally Shipping

OLED Monitor/Recorder Arrives with Lower Prices to Unlock Different Camera Formats

Convergent Design said it started shipping production units of the Odyssey7Q, its 7.7-inch OLED monitor and video recorder, last week. Unveiled during NAB and originally slated to ship in August, the 7Q is unique in that added features can be purchased or rented on a daily basis.

The Odyssey7Q sells for $2295 and records uncompressed RGB HD video to server-grade 2.5-inch SSDs ($395 for 256 GB or $795 for 512 GB). Compressed HD video capability is included in the purchase price and will be added in a free firmware update, the company said. ARRIRAW, Canon 4K raw and Sony FS700 2K raw, generic 2K raw (8- or 10-bit up to 120 fps) and multistream recording (four cameras in 1080p YCC at up to 30 fps) — will be available either as an additional purchase or as a daily rental option that unlocks the capability for a limited time.

Good news for users — the prices for unlocking formats have gone down substantially since they were originally announced back in May. ARRIRAW recording, for instance, has been reduced to a $1995 add-on (optionally, $149/day) from the originally floated $2995 price, and Sony FS700 raw has dropped to $795 rather than $1500 but will no longer be available on a daily basis. Here are all of the recording options currently in the offing from Convergent.

Recording Format Purchase Daily Rental
Compressed 1080p YCC 10-bit 422 up to 120 fps INCLUDED
Compressed 1080p RGB 12-bit 444 up to 60 fps INCLUDED
Uncompressed 1080p RGB 10/12-bit 444 up to 60 fps INCLUDED
Sony FS700 Raw: 2K RAW 12-bit up to 240fps, Compressed 1080p 10-bit YCC up to 60 fps (super-sampled from 4K Raw), Compressed 4K YCC 10-bit up to 30 fps
$795 NA
Canon C500 4K RAW: 4K/QuadHD Raw 10-bit up to 60 fps $1495 $99
2K RAW: 8/10-bit up to 120 fps $1495 $99
ARRIRAW: 12-bit 16:9 up to 48fps, 4:3 up to 48 fps $1995 $149
Multi-Stream: Four Camera – 1080p YCC up to 30 fps $2995 $199
Source: Convergent Design website

The company said it's currently filling "significant preorders" for the unit, but confirmed that it expects to fulfill all existing orders before the end of the year.

Convergent Design: convergent-design.com/


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  • Joe Mahma

    “prices for unlocking formats” – No thanks.

  • Emilio

    Paying for unlocking functions ALREADY on the device? Good luck with that.
    It’s not like any “pay to unlock” has gone wrong before, right? Nobody really likes paying thousands of dollars for something that should be free.

    Yet, it makes a lot of sense not to make someone with a FS700 pay ARRIRAW prices. And whenever you rent an alexa or amira, you could get the extension for a limited time.
    Besides, at 2300USD for the device +800USD for 2k on an FS700 is cheaper than the 7500USD (Interface+recorder) Sony is asking for.

    I think they should be less ambitious, and provide an unlimited package for, say 3000$ (yes, I know it’s more than the base price) before someone (blackmagic) makes a monitorless version for half that price.
    Also, a 3 grand tag price and ProRes 422 and 4444 capability would make a VERY tempting option for pros shopping for a Ki Pro or the like, especially considering it also works as a decent-sized monitor.

    In the end, how long do you think it’s gonna take to hack those “additional features”, and have them for free for the original 2300$?

  • Bob

    They have forgotten Cineform RAW… no they didn’t.

  • blackmondy

    Trying to go the Avid style of unlocking features at a price ? I’ll wait for the Blackmagic Design version.