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Milk Visual Effects on Doctor Who‘s Epic 50th Anniversary Special

Last weekend's special 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, was a landmark for the long-running Brit-TV program. The 75-minute special, shot in stereo 3D, didn't break ratings records in the U.K., but it was simulcast in 94 countries and shown in more than 1500 movie theaters worldwide. The story was bolstered by a guest appearance by John Hurt, portraying one of the doctor's many incarnations, as well as by VFX from Milk Visual Effects, which created large-scale CG environments depicting scenes from the Time War — a crucial event in the series mythology, but one never seen before in such detail on screen. Watch the video below to see more about the creation of Doctor Who's most spectacular visuals to date.


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Milk is currently finishing up work on the Doctor Who Christmas special, slated to air on December 25.

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  • Pekka Sorri

    the frontal shot with all the doctors was quite crappy. It killed my mood quite a lot at the end :(