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Sony Lightens Up OLED HD Displays

Slimmer 25-Inch and 17-Inch Playback Monitors Weigh 40 Percent Less

With an aim of making the units easier to use in broadcast trucks and other tight production environments where inches and ounces are precious things, Sony is introducing two new lightweight models of OLED playback monitor, the 25-inch PVM-A250 ($6,899) and the 17-inch PVM-A170 ($4,899). Both models are expected to be available in January.

Sony said the new models are about 40 percent thinner and lighter than previous versions, saving an average of eight pounds per unit. Power consumption has also been cut by about 9 percent in the A250 and 14 percent in the A170, Sony said. And the displays have handles for maximum toteability.

Thin and light is one of the differentiating factors for OLED technology, Sony noted, claiming that the new displays are the lightest production monitors available for professional use. "These new models have the screen size needed for critical evaluation, with a thinner and lighter design that's perfect for live broadcasts and outdoor shooting," said Gary Mandle, senior product manager for professional displays, in a prepared statement.

Connections are recessed into the body of the monitor to protect them in the field, and an optional panel-protection kit has corner bumpers to absorb knocks as the screens are moved around. The monitors' firmware will be upgradeable with new features via Ethernet cable connection, Sony said.

Sony sells its Trimaster EL OLED monitors in two product lines. The high-end "master monitors" are meant for critical picture evaluation, while the less expensive "picture monitors," including these two displays, are designed for use in live production environments and on broadcast trucks. The company said it has shipped more than 25,000 Trimaster EL monitors to date.

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